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Josh Klein Bikkur Cholim Society

The Josh Klein Bikkur Cholim Society has served the needs of the ill and their families in the central Pennsylvania area since its establishment in May of 2,000. Daily visits are provided by trained volunteers. Gifts, challahs, meals and religious articles are delivered.

The Josh Klein Bikkur Cholim has been so successful because of the bright, energetic, devoted people who live here in the Harrisburg area. Our statistics are impressive. Over 50 volunteers have made visits to more than 5,000 hospitalized patients. Hundreds of challahs have been delivered to patients having a Friday stay in the hospital. Over two hundred meals have been provided to families with hospitalization crises. Hundreds of tzedekah boxes have been given to newborns. Friday night services at the Jewish Home have been conducted for over ten years.

At the National Bikkur Cholim Conference hosted by the Rabbi Isaac N. Trainin Bikkur Cholim coordinating Council in New York, we were honored for the dedication and effort of our members in building a strong Bikkur Cholim program for the community. May we continue to grow from strength to strength, embodying Josh’s spirit so that both volunteers and patients can experience the spiritual blessings of the mitzvah of bikkur cholim.

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